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Nüüd saab oma unistuste vannitoa teha energiasäästlikult. ACO ShowerDrain süsteemid koostöös Zypho duši soojatagastiga pakuvad vannituppa kvaliteetse, ilusa ning targa lahenduse.

Rohkete disaini ja kvaliteediauhindadega pärjatud ACO ShowerDrain ning innovaatiline duši soojatagasti Zypho loovad koos vannitoa mis on lisaks modernsele disainile ja läbitestitud kvaliteedile ka tark ning säästlik. ACO ShowerDrain trapid on läbinud karmid kvaliteeditestid tagamaks pikaajalise toimimise vannitoa karmides tingimustes.

Zyhpo duši soojatagasti annab ligi kolmandiku säästu soojalt veelt. Zyphole on tootjapoolne 10 aastane garantii!

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Zypho IZI või IZI Press saad kaasa tasuta vannitoatrapp ACO EasyFlow

Zypho IZI või IZI Pipe koos Aco Showerdrain C Quadratico restiga väga hea hinnaga*

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* trapiga mudeli ostuks saada ostusoov info@zypho.ee

How does it work

To obtain correct shower water temperature, hot and cold water are combined at the shower mixer tap. Both have different origins: hot water comes from a heating device, for example from your electric or gas water heater, and cold water comes directly from the mains. Depending on the temperatures of cold mains and hot water, you will sometimes need a greater volume of hot water to be mixed with cold water in order to achieve the desired shower temperature.

Easily installed under a shower tray or a bathtub, the ZYPHO utilises the heat from the hot water flowing down the drain. Water entering the ZYPHO will transfer its heat energy to the copper pipe with cold mains water. Cold mains water going through the copper coil of the ZYPHO will, in turn, absorb this heat and therefore become warmer. After having passed through the heat exchanger, cool drain water then exits into the drainage system.

Preheated water goes to the shower mixer and, consequently, a smaller volume of hot water from your heating device is needed to reach an appropriate shower water temperature, which literally means that less energy is used.

The ZYPHO is a safe and clean system where hot shower waste water and cold water supply never mix. While allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning, its unique design also prevents pressure loss and leakage. The ZYPHO is distinguished by its exceptional reliability and durability due to the use of high-quality materials and a technology based on physical principles which are, despite their simplicity, innovative in this field of application.


The ZYPHO can recover up to 15°C from the shower drain water, which results in around 30% energy savings.

With the ZYPHO, cold water coming into your mixer tap and/or to your water heater arrives there already preheated up to 25°C, i.e. an increase of about 15°C (depending on installation configuration and shower flow rate).

ZYPHO’s high heat recovery efficiency allows to an average family with 3 daily showers to save moneyy. Compared to the unit’s reasonable price, these savings allow getting back the investment in less than 3 years. If in your family showers are longer or hotter or more frequent than average or if you have a rain shower instead of a normal one, you will certainly be saving even more. There is no doubt: ZYPHO is one of the easiest and most cost-effective improvements that you have ever been able to make.

Energy calculator

Savings Calculator: https://www.zypho.eu/savings-simulator

Zypho models

Information about the Zypho


The ZYPHO can recover up to 15°C from the shower drain water, which results in around 30% energy savings.
With the ZYPHO, cold water coming into your mixer tap and/or to your water heater arrives there already preheated up to 25°C, i.e. an increase of about 15°C (depending on installation configuration and shower flow rate).

Easy Installed:

Installing the ZYPHO is surprisingly simple. It is similar to installing a typical commercial shower valve and connecting normal plumbing piping. HERE you can request installation guidance for a IZI and STANDARD models.


Regarding the “ZYPHO 8kW”, the efficiency values obtained at tests performed by the independent certification body KIWA Netherlands account for up to 32,5% of heat recovery.


Zypho is designed to be as simple as possible with the efficient performance in mind.

ZYPHO and its Dimentions

Kirjeldus Materjal Ühendus Kogus
1 Äravooluava Ø90


ABS-plast 1
2* Hooldusfilter PP-plast 1
3* Trapp ABS-plast 1
4 Keermesrõngas ABS-plast 1
5 Tihend Kumm 1
6 Seadistatav jalg Teras/plast 4
7 Sissevoolu ühendus 1/2” Messing M 1
8 Väljavoolu ühendus 1/2” Messing M 1
9 Kanalisatsiooni äravool Ø40 PVC M 1
*sõltuvalt sellest, kas ühendatav lahendus on sifooniga või ilma, tuleb paigaldamisel valida kas filtri või trapi paigaldise vahel


Description Unit Value
Heat exchanger material Copper
Body material ABS
Weight Kg 6.0* / 6.5**
Temperature range ºC 0 – 60
Maximum shower flow l/min 30.0
Maximum mains water inlet pressure Bar 16.0
Minimum mains water inlet pressure Bar 1.0
Pressure drop with mains water at 9.2 L/min Bar 0.27* / 0.36**
Pressure drop with mains water at 12.5 L/min Bar 0.48* / 0.65**


Tests accomplished by the independent certification body KIWA Nederland BV confirm the optimal performance of the ZYPHO 8kW.

The values to the right were obtained under the following conditions:

Cold mains water: 10°C
Shower water: 40°C

Shower Flow Rate Configuration A
5.8 l/min  32.5 %
9.2 l/min 31.1 %
12.5 l/min 28.5 %


The ZYPHO can be installed in two ways:

a) Coupled to the shower tray.

b) Placed under the shower tray or bathtub with desired separation.

Cold mains water is connected to the ZYPHO inlet.

Preheated water exiting the ZYPHO can be connected in one of the three following configurations:

a) To the shower mixing faucet (cold mains water) and to the domestic water heater inlet. This configuration provides a maximum of recovered energy.

b) To the shower mixing faucet (cold mains water) only. We recommend this configuration if the water heating device is located far or if connection to it is unreasonably difficult.

c) To the water heater inlet only


The ZYPHO is a versatile system which thanks to its unique design can be adopted in various situations, for example:

  • Domestic bathrooms;
  • Hotels;
  • Campsites;
  • Bungalows;
  • Swimming pools & Spas;
  • Gyms;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Factories.



ZYPHO must be installed with a shower drain that incorporates a filter and trap to prevent the passage of debris. Like any other drain pipe, we recommend a periodically cleaning. Use a non-corrosive drain cleaner and ZYPHO’s water jet brush or other flexible drain brush that easily goes through the ZYPHO pushing the debris towards the sewer.